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Paikawe Reserve

A pristine small lake privately owned by Pedro Aguinda and his wife with the adjoining 13 hectares of primary Amazonian forest in the Napo province.  Pedro and his wife love this land and its biodiversity.  Their family have protected for 70 years because they believe in conserving nature and Eco-tourism.  The proximity to the touristy town of Misahullai has attracted buyers but he still wants to keep it as a safe heaven for all the little animals that nurtures his reserve.

Pedro has recently received some recognition for his conservation efforts by the local authorities who have provided his place with and official sign and labeling it as Misahualli Wildlife Center.  Unfortunately there is a danger that this land will some day lose its biodiversity since not all of the surrounding land owners have the same love and expectation for the beautiful amazonian forest.

Their hope is to grow their sustainable family business through eco-tourism.

LATEST NEWS September 2018:  The Harpy Eagle has returned to the nest in Gareno.  A new chick was born in early August and can be seen now at the nest where the parents arrive daily to feed their new young.

September 2018 - The Great Potoo has nested in the Paikawe Reserve and the young can be seen daily.  Here is a recent video recorded of the chick and parent.


September 2018  - Point-tailed Palmcreeper at Paikawe Lake:



NEWS November 15th 2017:  The young at Gareno is developing very well and parents bring food to the nest every 4 days.  See video below:


NEWS JULY 2017:  We have spotted a Harpy Eagle nest in the area of Gareno.  Please contact us if you want to see it!






Many thanks to our sponsor the Pululahua Hostal for helping us build and manage this web site so we can reach more people interested in saving the forest through our eco-tourism program.

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White-chinned Jacamar


Orange-backed Troupial